Kim Kardashian exposes threads with Skims, his brand of underwear


In the new presentations of Skims Kim Kardashian promotes the new line of bras and tops, but next to these also are some threads that are giving a lot to talk about.

Some hoped to see Kim modeling these presentations. As he has been doing with its other collections. However, she remains steadfast in presenting the “Stretch Rib collection”, and posing with their charming “High Neck Bra and Brief in Soot”.

The celebrity has been in the news in the days before, because he assured that this quarantine had stopped bathing, and even said that his hair was in a very bad state.

“My hair is a complete disaster and I’ve only redefined two times. The truth is that I feel very good when I do. I feel that I am a completely different person when I finally wake up from the sofa and do something to reclaim my normality. But usually because I’m not that glamorous lifestyle of before, what is true is that it was too much time without a shower or brush my hair“ said the celebrity.

But recently the famous seems to have left the days of lack of cleaning because the paparazzi’s caught on the beach showing off in a sexy bikini coffee.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian/Grosby Group

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