Kimberly Loaiza manages to perform the position that many want to do do You dare?


The mexican singer suffers onslaught on the part of the former girl of the time Yanet Garcia, Do you Feel envy?

To have a body of envy accompanied by strength, elasticity, and resistance, it is more attractive to be a beautiful doll with limited mobility.

Kimberly Loaiza has posted a picture on his official account of Instagram in which proves the point that we are discussing.

With only 22 years, the singer took on a challenge of Tik-Tok in which puts your body and your mind to the test with a position that not everyone can maintain.

The mention of the presenter of the weather Yanet Garciais given by a comment that he made with reference to the singer and that some of the fans Loaiza made them upset.

The followers of Loaiza responded to Garcia with comments like “this is why I will not follow”, “don’t hang your fame” or “Just want to follow her too”, all with one thought in common, Garcia you want to earn followers by creating controversy on social networks.