Look at the message of Edgar Ramirez Ana of Guns for his birthday what Ben Affleck jealous?


Ramirez welcomes your ex with sweetness and Gun answers with love, a former partner enviable.

Ana de Armas has an emotional relationship with Ben Affleck since a few months ago, something that was missing in the actor that bit before you start with Weaponsmore , he looked somewhat lost and dejected.

But your reality has changed and now has feeling refreshed thanks to the relationship that it maintains with Ana de Armas, an actress in ascent that previously had a relationship with the venezuelan actor Edgard Ramirez.

This couple met while rolling “Hands of Stone” and since then have become an example of true friendship after the breakup of their romantic relationship.

In the publication in the official account of the venezuelan actor, Ramirez he dedicates some beautiful lines to your ex worthy of being featured.

But not only did he had a gesture, the response of Ana“Thanks my love”, also has its batch of love implicit, however, it is a form and a phrase, very venezuelan to greet and treat people.

But all of this leads us to ask ourselves what will be that Ben you do not have problems with these displays of affection?