Madonna, curated coronavirus, walks on a bike in Lisbon


Madonna, curated coronavirus, walks on a bike in Lisbon


Franck Robichon / EFE

Madonna has shared in your account Instagram a video in which you stroll on a motorcycle Lisbonafter yesterday’s announcement that two months ago he contracted COVID-19 in Paris during the tour of “Madame X” in the month of march.

If the past week the queen of pop said that he intended to give “a long drive” in that “lower the window to breathe the air with Covid-19”on this occasion, if the video images are current, has fulfilled the promise of a walk, although on a bike.

Madonna, who occupies the rear part, you will see with arms stretched up in the area lisbon the radial Benfica.

The video was assembled with the music of his latest work “Living For Love” and with the message that “sometimes you have to leave.”

In Portugal is declared a state of calamity, after a month and a half of state of emergency, so since this week has started relief measures in Portugal, one of the countries of the south of Europe least hit by the pandemic, with 1.105 deceased and 26.715 infected.

The singer has shown very committed in the fight against the pandemic, to which he has donated a million dollars, for the research of the future vaccine.

Madonna is 61 years old and said in February 2019, which would leave the city of Lisbon, that came in the summer of 2017, as his son, David Banda, had enlisted in the ranks of the football team Benfica.