Neymar involved in scandal loving What a big piece of paper!


Despite the fact that the star of the ball is located in your home in shelter since march, is the protagonist of a love affair that has even ex-spouses.

Neymar continue working out from home with the assistance of your trainer, evidently the front of the Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) can’t afford to stay lying down and lose their physical ability.

But even when dedicated it is to train and be quiet in the house, the drama haunts him and is a former contestant on the reality show “Big Brother”, Flayslanehe confessed publicly that he had a love affair with the star Canarinhá.

The sin of Neymar it was pronounced in a discreet manner about one of the publications of Flayslane, who railed with all the star of the ball foot.

Laugh not to cry” that was the only comment made by the front with respect to the alleged relationship remained in the 2016 with the star of “Big Brother”.

From there the wine was drama and bleed from the wound for the young.

“I’m just going to say one thing: I am enough woman to admit what I do (…). I am very transparent and I don’t have commitment with anyone to have that lie (…) it Was just a random encounter. Neymar, you don’t have to be ashamed of. What I’m going to pass for lying just because you are Neymar and I’m not one? Now I am ashamed of having been with you.”

But here is not the end of the story, the ex-husband of Flayslane, Jhonatan Ricarte, came out to defend the was his wife and he said:

“I’m the ex-husband of Flay, the father of our son. I started to go out with her a few months after ‘state’ you (addressing Neymar) and I was the one who blotted out the conversation between the two of you and your number of your cell phone (…) She is not lying to you and much less need to lie”.