Pablo Alborán sang a song of Camilo Echeverry And up-to-Evaluna Montaner liked it!


The Spanish Pablo Alboran surprised their fans by covering a song by the venezuelan Camilo Echeverry. Even the author of said theme song is shared on their social networks, and the fans clapped the material! Does Alborán did it better?

In the last few hours, Camilo Echeverry thanked their fans for the support they give with their new material in the music. Even, reported that ‘Favorite’ reached 100 million views on Youtube. It’s crazy!

Recall that some weeks ago, the venezuelan brought out his new album entitled ‘For the First Time’, which corresponds to the song that he premiered with his wife, Evaluna Montaner, and whose video clip shows the best scenes of the honeymoon of the couple.

Among other songs, is ‘The Same Air’, a song of love that can’t be, with a video clip interesting, that shows the simple shots of a young woman in a bathtub full of water, crying, desaloda, up disappointed.

The Spanish singer Pablo Alborán was in charge of covering this song Camilo, surprising even himself venezuelan, who asked him to sing ‘The Same Air’ with him. Alboran replied: “You don’t know but.. I already recorded”.

The husband of the actress, Evaluna Montaner shared the video on his official instagram, which has already achieved almost a million views and over 230 thousand likes, including that of the daughter of Ricardo Montaner. What is comes a new duet via the web?