Princess Leonor will never forgive what that Letizia made him the dog of a dad


The princess Leonor and the infanta Sofia | EFE

May 09, 2020
(13:20 CET)

The Queen Letizia is a woman with foibles and eccentricities. The monarch does not go with chiquita to snuggle or not to someone.

For example, had no problem in vetoing the infanta Cristina after she and her husband, Iñaki Urdangarín, they were charged for their involvement in the case Nóos. In the end only the ex-player of handball was declared guilty. But Cristina it was not separated from him. And Letizia you don’t like to join neither with criminals nor with those who support them.

Also, did the same with the princess Elenaafter that the sister of Felipe VI he defended Cristina and the love which it feels for Urdangarin.

Iñaqui Urdangarín, infanta Cristina and the infanta Elena

Letizia choose who you want by your side

Some characteristics that well known to their relatives, who on more than one occasion have suffered. Their close know up to where you are able to reach.

And eye, because the bans are not limited to people. Apparently, he told Jaime Peñafiel, the queen does not like animals. Will not domestic pets. You don’t want them in your house. And that maximum would have been carried out with Hasa dog of the breed schnauzer the that the that the King of Spain I had a lot of affection.

Letizia echa Has

So much so that even claim that Felipe VI we cleaned the vomiting personally and was taking care of him day and night. However, the privileges he would have been finished Has with the arrival of Letizia.

Felipe VI and Has

“When the poor dog got kicked out of the house, he had to stay in the mountains that surround The Zarzuela. Possibly would die of cold or attacked by the wild boar or other vermin that inhabit the reserve because of he turned not to know”, revealed Jaime Peñafiel.

Some sources point out that it was not so, and that Letizia simply forbade him to enter the house, limiting their space to dependencies external Zarzuela. But be that as it may, the story does not make any grace to the princess Leonor, known lover of animals, and that would have hurt a lot to know what his mother did with the dog of his father.