Send message emotional to Myrka Dellanos, your ‘granddaughter’ and daughter, for Mother’s Day

Myrka Dellanos was totally excited when María Celeste Arrarás he presented a message from his granddaughter and daughter Alexa Dellanos. It was during the transmission of “Al Rojo Vivo” that appeared Alexa to congratulate her famous mother.

“Hi mom, happy mothers day, we miss you,” says Alexa in the video message from Puerto Rico, where it passes the quarantine. “I hope you have a nice day, I wish to be with you.”

Alexa also gave him a painting that she did of a butterfly with two pink roses. To box also was the little dog Truffle, who Arrarás said was the granddaughter of Myrka.

“Not only was Alexa was also your grandson Truffle there with her,” said Arrarás causing the laughter of Myrka, who clarified it was his “granddaughter”.