Shakira had not ever counted. “I have a problem with the drink”. Confession

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May 08, 2020
(19:41 CET)

In the entertainment world today can learn a lot of secrets that before were kept in a safety deposit box of emotions. Shakira has been involved in a revelation that does not let in a good position. The source of the scandal was the song Waka Waka of the 2010 World cup.

The topic is associated almost in its entirety to Shakira, and even the colombian has been highlighted as the most relevant of his career by helping to interact with Gerard Pique. However, an important part to be so sticky and multicultural, the brought by the south african group Freshlyground. This was composed of two singers, Kyla-Rose Smith and Zolani Mahola.

Zolani, recently commented to a half african the difficult time that he spent with fame: “During the World cup, I saw the screen and saw how physically big it was. I had not realized how she had expressed the fact that to eat without that I really cared. Ate and drank to escape and that I was hurting. My compulsive behaviors had put my life on pause.”

To this he added the following about your alcohol problems: “I Started going to meetings of alcoholics anonymous and to make therapies, attacking my problems from different ways for me to take to the roots where it all began”.

Doubts about Shakira and the profits of Waka Waka

After the strong confession made by the singer about his problems with alcohol, also spoke to another member of the band. This time he tried to Simon Attwell, who said the payments of the song that already turns 10 years old: “we have Not received any payment and were told that the 100% of the proceeds had gone to the foundation of Shakira. We even present free of charge in the World Cup”.

The other side of the coin has been exposed finally. Does Shakira have something to say about what happened?