The board of Franco to Juan Carlos I and he has given to Felipe VI


May 09, 2020
(10:13 CET)

Little by little it all starts to acquire the form of new normal in terms of the pandemic coronavirus. There is area of Spain that have advanced to the phase 1 of the desescalada. And although there is still a long way to go it seems that the situation will be controlling.

Spain remains the second country with the most infected, with a total of 260.117 patients detected. But the numbers of deaths is already stabilized. With 26.299our country has gone from being the second with more deaths to be the third, and soon will be overtaken by France.

One of the most criticized during this crisis have been the king Felipe VI and the queen Letizia. It was hoped that in moments such as the one crossing Spain the monarchs would face. A message of hope to the nation. Something that has been done in other royal houses of Europe, but not ours.

Leonor and Sofia, the only ones that are left to see

In this sense, the only that could be said to have given the house have been the princess Leonor and the infanta Sofia. The young monarchs appeared in the past day April 23,on the occasion of the reading chunked Don Quixote this year it met its fourth edition, and before you read its parts are referred to by the spaniards. An act that honors.

But his speech was described by many as “cold” and “little sense”. And the worst thing: it is said that they wrote Felipe and Letizia and that could have been diligent more or care more the words, because what you said Leonor that they were confined as many children in Spain has very little of true. Your confinement is very different from the majority.

All in all, Felipe and Letizia have been limited to be photographed while maintaining conversations with the institutions. Nothing more.

The board of Franco

An attitude which clashes a lot with the advice you have given your advisors, I recommend that you leave see more. One similar to that at the moment Franco gave Juan Carlos I.

Francisco Franco (to the right) next to the king Juan Carlos I (left).

The then inexperienced monarch asked the generalissimo that I had to do to win the affection of the spaniards. And the answer was clear, simple and direct: “easy, your highness, viajad and that you know”.