The hair cut extremely asymmetric Nicky Jam Up his girlfriend is shocked!


While cutting the bangs at home was the trend for many, the reggaetonera Nicky Jam decided to get a new hair cut the hand of a professional. Look how it was!

Being at home resulted in new habits, activities, and even some crazy things. One of them was to trend on the social networks: people trying to cut the bangs by themselves, some well, others a disaster.

The singer Nicky Jam you have opted for the opposite: a new hair cut, more couple, practically geometric, as he tends to use it. Even though you are in your home, do not want to lose the style. Look at how well you feel!

Currently, the singer spends his days with his girlfriend, the model Cydney Moreau. Many fans not calling for this loving relationship, but without doubt, for the photos of both in their official accounts, the pass very well.

Nicky Jam, away from the work projects, still posting the best videos of their latest shows, and even recalling its serious biographical issued by Netflix.

Its nearly 38 million followers on instagram look forward to seeing your star favorite on the stage. It is very dear!