The mess of Yiya (Survivors) with a singer very famous in Spain


Yiya without wig

May 08, 2020
(13:14 CET)

What has united Survivors who do not separate anyone. We are not what we would have believed it if we account at the beginning of the edition. We thought that would be the enemy until the final judgment, but it is not. Yiya came to the sink to Spray Flowers with derogatory comments that cost him a nomination disciplinary. The daughter of Antonio David Flores expressed his displeasure and made it clear that it would take to get to Spain. It seems that this complaint will not prosper.

Due to the unification of the equipment to the contestants they had no choice but to live together in a small portion of the island. Far from be to kill you became friends, maybe for survival, but that is the competition. That little bit has lasted a good thing. Extremadura has been the ninth voted out of the reality and this time of truth. Dew Flowers not find it again by surprise in the island, as it did the first time.

Before knowing who would be eliminated, Yiya has dedicated some beautiful words to Spray Flowers. “I’m receptive”, he said to Jorge Javier Vázquez in the face of a possible friendship between the two in Spain.

“If I, today, I’m out of here, I can even get to remember it and positive. Before I could have come closer to her to avoid punishment but now I do it because I get, have things that are cool”said Yiya, to the surprise of his companions, and the Dew Flowers.

The young man makes it clear that buries the hatchet. “It is the flower, since it is not a vase”. “Here is is forged a wonderful relationship”said Yiya about his approach to the daughter of Rocío Carrasco.

Dew Flowers still don’t trust much and doesn’t want to go so fast, but also is willing to get to know her outside of the reality and take something with it. “If anything I’ve done in this competition has been evolving. I have left the bad to one side and she wanted to try living together and now have a relationship with her. I am very proud of her and of me.”

What futor awaits Yiya return to Spain? The young want to remain tied to the media as a collaborator and presenter, in fact, ensures that it is a journalist. It also has a hotel business that now will be affected by the health crisis of the country. Has been closed the two months that she has been in Honduras. The extremaña is the owner of The case to Us, a name sarcastically, a bar located in the center of Madrid specialized in shallow, and they go through very often famous faces as the Norway lobster, who has a great relationship.

Norway lobster and Yiya