The video that ends up sinking to Paz Padilla in Save me uncovering his break


May 08, 2020
(14:45 CET)

When again Peace Padilla to Save me? They made it clear that it would be next Thursday, march 7, but finally it was not so. At 16:15 was Carlota Sliding to the foot of the canyon. The presenter was still confined to his home. There are many rumors that pointed to a possible dismissal, temporarily out of the province of cadiz on the part of managers. The new direction that had caught the program in its first few weeks it was more informative and didn’t go with your personality, for this reason, it was Jorge Javier Vázquez, who took care of the first programs.

But now what? What other time has been Peace Padilla the that you want still not to return to space? The actress has exploited this quarantine to the maximum, especially with charitable causes with which he has raised over 17 million euros, but has also been very entertaining with their daughter Anna Ferrer and your videos of Tik Tok and Instagram. In his latest publication, collaborate with many of his friends, colleagues and family.

It is a new trend where you must follow a chain. In the case of Paz, Padilla, all of them receive a smack. Put together all the clips it creates a video chain with an optical effect very fun. It seems that all are near though far away.

Paz Padilla hits their daughter Anna Ferrer, it does the same with her boyfriend, Iván Martín, and so on. “#noslahemosdadomortal @jvazquezoficial @galvezchristian _ @chiapella_camara_oficial @edurnity @vanesa_romero @corbachito @davidfernandezortiz1 @davidvallde @xoan_viqueira @annafpadilla @ivssss_“, she wrote along with the video, which in just 15 hours has been achieved over 470,000 views.

Paz Padilla has bundled some of his colleagues in the profession to which grabasen his part of the video and the sent. Surprising that in this video there is no partner to Save me. All are actors or presenters. As Christian Gálvez, Pablo Chiapella, Edurne, Vanesa Romero, Jesús Vázquez, among others.

This has surprised as he gets back to unleash the controversy existing on a poor relationship between Peace Padilla and his companions. The cadiz just go to the program file and nothing more. She doesn’t fit into the show. In fact very surprised when they caught in 2009 from presenting to a space of the press of the heart.

Do you not have enough confidence to ask their peers to participate in this challenge? What happens when you turn off the cameras?