What mujerón! Vicente Fernandez Jr. show off your new girlfriend ¡Tremendous pomp!


The post for the Kardashian mexican is fought by some coterráneas who want to have the seat at the point of a curved sweeping.

Mariana González, 19 years younger than her boyfriend Vicente Fernandez Jr., is a voluptuous creation of God discussion the place of the Kardashian mexican with Yuliett Towers and Joselyn Cano.

With 37 years old and mother of two children, it seems unbelievable that this woman has a body as perfect as that presumed in your account Instagram.

The love story between Gonzalez and Fernandezaccording to told the entrepreneur magazine People, began when the singer contacted Mariana González through social networks, assuring him that it was his fan.

“He sent me a message and tell me that is my super fan. After we return to contact us, and I says: ‘what gives me an opportunity to tell you all this in person?”.

Despite the fact that Vicente Fernandez Jr. still not finished the process of divorce Karina Ortegón, you will see renewed and full of happiness and is that, well, who doesn’t?, have 56 years and walk around with a mujerón of perfiladísima back will surely make happy the lives of more than one.