What shines by its good taste? You know the luxurious penthouse of Jomari Goyso in Miami, Florida


The renowned critic of fashion has an apartment that he injected his very peculiar style, which is liked by many, but others don’t like it so much

The Spanish Jomari Goyso, 38 years old, and who is famous by the criticism of fashion that makes in ‘The Fat and the Skinny’, lives in a luxurious penthouse in Miami, Florida.

Also presenter of ‘Salt and Pepper’, has shared with his followers some details of his two-story apartment, which stands out for its good taste and style, although, apparently, your mom didn’t make him at all happy their occurrences.


Although small, the kitchen of the child born in The Rioja attracts the spotlight because of the elegance that hides in your cupboard of white.

The room also features an island in the center where the stylist washes your dishes and preparing foods low in fat to help keep you fit.

Dining room

Your dining room has a table with space for eight people, which combines elements of wood and metal.

As well as a mirror with a golden frame, a canteen and some plants.


The room is composed by two armchairs with space for five people, a sofa single brown tone, a carpet that combines the black and the white, one center table of glass and a tv placed on a wooden furniture.

Master bedroom

On the ground floor there is the master bedroom which has a king bed, a dresser, a tv recessed into the wall and two bureaus of chocolate tone.


The balcony, lined with artificial grass, is one of the favorite places of Jomari due to the spectacular views you have from there.

Its terrace features a couple of individual chairs, as well as with some plants.

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