You know what’s more shocking and funny of Camilo Echeverry when he was just a child


Camilo Echeverry from a very young age has possessed a unique personality and very smart, the same showing in any place where it came-Even on television programs!

At 26 years of age, the singer of urban music Camilo Echeverry has managed to become one of the artists most sought after of the times, this is due both to his talent as to the important moments that have occurred around it.

Since she married with the enchanting Evaluna Montaner, the famous has been found in the center of a maelstrom full of nice comments and not so nice, and although at some point we were able to affect the criticism, and his charming personality has helped him to succeed.

As we well know, Camilo Echeverry he was born in Medellin, Colombia, and from a very young age, the famous has been very involved in the world of art and entertainment, in fact, invited to important television programs, and he with a great taste offered interviews.

In the video we just saw, the famous had been a special guest on an interview program, and that inspires a lot of grace, is the way in which you answer each of the questions of the interviewer.

At one point the journalist asks Camilo “Who do you comb your hair?”, to which he responds without any shame “That is the hairstyle TALC, as I got up”, which obviously brought many smiles of the present Including our own!