You need to know! 6 things you did not know about the precious reggaetonera Karol G


Karol G is without doubt one of the star’s most controversial world reggaetonero and perhaps for his relationship that it maintains with the also singer Anuel AA. But what both know Karol G?

1.- His name is Carolina Giraldo Navarro, known in the artistic world as Karol G, he was born in Medellin on the 14th of February 1991.

2.- His Father Guillermo Giraldo it was one of the people who support you gave to the beautiful Karol when it started in a career in music. Karol often shared in the networks of your Web the excellent relationship we have with him.

3. One of the most unforgettable moments that the artist has had on your artistic life and you will never forget, was the time when he was nominated to the Latin Grammy award for Best new Artist, inviting proudly to his father to receive with her the well-deserved award.

4.- Despite the fact that Karol has always been praised for retaining a figure statuesque, she claims to have been dissatisfied with the size of some parts of your body, by opting for give more volume to the upper part of your body.

It was a very nice feeling no one knows how I felt when I got my first swimsuit, I was very happy” said the colombian.

5. –With just 15 years Karol he participated in the famous reality show X Factor, being selected to sign their first recording contract, choosing the name Karol G as his artistic name.

6.- For a long time, Karol maintains a loving relationship with the singer Anuel AA and is both the love that is profane, that has a tattoo on his hand with the name of “Emmanuel” real name of his beloved love and another in the part of your fingers with the phrase “Loyalty for life”.