Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid would be married: in addition to pregnant, get Involved!


Just a few days ago, the model Gigi Hadid confirmed her pregnancy with singer Zayn Malik. Now, appeared evidence on which both are engaged. Look at the evidence.

Then a new program Jimmy Fallon, the model Gigi Hadid confirmed the rumors and said that she is pregnant for the singer Zayn Malik since 5 months ago. According to sources close to the couple, they will have a girl and will be born in September of this year.

The famous couple are living together on the ranch that has the family Hadid in Connecticut, away from the media, fans, and work projects that tend to separate them for weeks.

But as well as speculation of the pregnancy, there is now talk of a possible compromise. Why? The recognized George Khalife revealed to Page Six that produced a pair of bracelets special and unique that She and Malik could protect their love, envy and bad vibes from today.

“I don’t know exactly as it came up from the evil eye, I think that what I mentioned and she thought that it would be very fun because they had been talking of removing evil eye. As we are all from the Middle East, in our culture we believe that keep away the jealousy and the haters. And as the whole world is going to be talking about them, they are going to be the center of attention”, he explained.

That’s not all: fans of Zayn Malik noted that the ex-member of One Direction just got a new tattoo that might confirm the commitment with your girlfriend and future mother of his first child.

It was recorded in the arm with a fragment of a famous poem Kahlil Gibran entitled ‘On love and marriage’, a tribute to the marriage.

“Sing and dance together and be happy with each other but each one individually”says this part of the poem in Spanish. Mommie! Do you believe that the engagement is for the pregnancy or the two young men have already thought so beforehand?