Admitted to the hospital. Kiko Matamoros don’t want to worry anyone, but then it comes this picture


Kiko Matamoros excited with the confession of his girlfriend

May 09, 2020
(21:38 CET)

Kiko Matamoros had to go to the hospital practically urgent to accompany his daughter Anita Matamoros to be some evidence that they raised any alarm.

And is the daughter of Makoke hung a picture in their stories of Instagram in which you could see with a mask in the hospital and not revealed because ailment was there.

However, Anita did not want to frighten the people and warned with the following message: “In the hospital again, this morning I have come to ask myself a few tests and now I come to ask myself the last. I’ll tell you specifically why, but hey that’s all good, no worries”.

Anita Matamoros

This is not the first time this year

Anita Matamoros takes a 2020 hospital and lucky for her not being due to the health crisis caused by the coronavirus at the moment.

A month ago he had to undergo surgery of urgency due to a false tooth, and we had to put 15 points. Subsequently a strong flu sent him to the hospital and now once more, although the reason is unknown.

Anita Matamoros

They thought it was Kiko Matamoros

Anita had to clarify that it had nothing to do with his father Kiko Matamoroswho’d had anxiety problems in the last month, a fact that had caused that nurses had to visit him on several occasions.

However, on this occasion, Kiko Matamoros had nothing to do with the cause of being in the hospital.