Assassins raised singer grupero and there is no trace of him at a year that was taken


Was ·raised· after a visit to her grandmother who died without knowing of him

Already spent a year of that Thomas Antonio el Centenario, singer grupero out “pulled up” by heavily armed men, perhaps members of some group drug trafficking that it up to a car while another of the crooks took the vehicle from the interpreter with unknown direction, the past may 9, 2019.

The kidnapping occurred in the tourist town of Mazatlan in the state of Sinaloaentity , where the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS), a criminal group that once led Joaquinel ChapoGuzman.

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According to reports, on that night, the criminals put him into a car, while another of the criminals took the vehicle to the interpreter with an unknown destination. It disappeared when the singer visited his grandmother, who was hospitalized in a government hospital. What is worse is that the lady Herlinda Lizarraga -his grandmother – died, without seeing for the last time to his grandson.

The next day the “levantón”, the deputy attorney Regional in the southern area of the state, Cruz Alejandro Flores Salazar, said: “we are not talking about a kidnapping, is a person who was deprived of his freedom, and was denounced by members of their family from the next day immediately when it happened the fact, do not have right now with elements to say that it is a kidnapping because she has not asked (for a ransom)”.

Thomas Antonio the Centenary, was King of the Joy of the Carnaval International de Mazatlan 2010 for which he became very famous in that state.

Just in February of 2019, three months before we deprive them of the freedom, after three years of absence from the limelight, Thomas Antonio el Centenario he had returned to the music scene band sinaloan with the theme of “Never going to find”, now it would seem, makes reference to what happened to her weeks later, because until the moment, a year take have not found.

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