Before you celebrate Mother’s Day, Kimberly Flores, he recalls how lucy pregnant


Thanks to a series of tender photographs, the wife of Edwin Luna stole the heart of the social network users

Before you celebrate Mother's Day, Kimberly Flores, he recalls how lucy pregnant

Attack Kimberly Flowers in her birthday

Antonio Ordaz / Agency Reform

With a tender photograph published in your profile official Instagram, Kimberly Flores he recalled how he transformed his body upon the arrival of his daughter, who was born in July of 2018.

A few hours of celebrate Mothers Day, the wife of Edwin Moon shared a series of photographs that bragged about the shocking change that had her body after the birth of their daughter Gianna.

In the first image sees the model sitting on the bed showing off her enormous belly of pregnancy, while that in the second slide appears with its small sitting in front of her.

The tender photographs have received more than 80 thousand red hearts and hundreds and hundreds of comments, in which their fans the congratulated for the incredible transformation that has taken thanks to the exercises and routines to which it is subjected every day to stay in shape and prettier than ever.

How quickly the time has passed but each day more beautiful“, “That cute picture“, “That beautiful look“, “Those memories are beautiful“, “That beautiful both pictures, I admire your tenacity and your perseverance in everything you do“, “Your baby and you are very beautiful“ are only some of the messages which until now has received the native of Guatemala.