Danna Paola presumed their legs with a sexy look of quarantine


Danna Paola raised the temperature of millions of fans with a sexy look in which you bragged about your shapely legs.

Although the protagonist of ‘Elite’ is still in confinement, this does not prevent you from showing off your sensual anatomy, so once again shared a racy photo with the that captivated your faithful fans of social networks.

Enjoying an ice cream and posing on a couch, the singer blew sensuality to nearly 24 million users who follow her on Instagram.

Although it was only described with an emoji in the shape of ice cream, the bold image spoke for itself, as it was qualified with more than 2 million red hearts and has to date received close to 7 thousand comments in which fans of several countries have praised the beauty of the mexican actress.

Some days ago, the singer of “Hey Paul” fell in love with their fans to boast a new look, in which he resumed his long hair and seduced the camera with a hairstyle that let her see his expression more tender and flirty at the same time, in the that said is on the verge of going crazy because of the running of the bulls.