Demi Lovato is delivered again to the love and does so in the arms of Max Ehrich


After facing months of emotional tension, Lovato has apparently found something of balance and could be building a relationship with the actor of 28 years.

Stuck with U”, a musical theme played by Ariana Grande and Justin Bieberhas served as a musical background for that Lovato show through their social networks, which has found new love.

Fans of the singer have claimed that it is not necessary that Demi confirm the romance because the images speak for themselves.

The audio-visual shows to a loving Lovato dancing, hugging and kissing the young actor, something that comes to complement the rumors of their alleged relationship over the last few months, when they were seen doing some shopping together in a supermarket.

The review of the video posted on the Intagram the singer points out the following:

“Happy to be a part of something so special at this time…”.