Fans reveal on social networks in concert unpublished, of last tour of Soda Stereo


The band of rock argentina captivated an entire generation that today longs for the years durados of his youth, of the hand of the “Blind american” and other hits.

Since it is not possible to see these cracks of the music together and live, you only have to fans of music videos and the videos of their concerts to praise a golden agefull of good music.

Fans of the band have made a contribution to the fantastic through the social networksand this is a concert of one of his last appearances before splitting up in 1997.

In 1996 “Soda Stereo” I traveled playing their hits on the tour “Comfort” and Chile it was one of the stops, a pair of presentations on the current theatre “Caupolicán”.

This pair of concerts were decked out with a tribute to Vox Deiwith an original version of Genesis. In addition, featured topics “Dream Stereo” and classics such as “Among Cannibals”, “When you Pass the Tremor” and “Blind American”, a theme original of Cerati-Melero entitled “Around the Universe” ending with “A million light years”, from the album “Song animal”.

This is the feast that fans the band have released in the social networks and that spark nostalgia among those who long to see once more this band iconic and historicalone that will continue playing in the memory world.