Film the streaming


Mexico city— The initial idea was that you exhibit on the boards of the American Union, from the 15th of may, but the pandemic altered completely by these plans, just as you did with other releases film that were postponed or passed to be displayed in different forms of ‘streaming’.

From that side of the studio Warner Bros., in charge of the distribution of the production of Hanna-barbera “Scoob!”, have decided to take the risk of keeping the original date and perform a first virtual face of the uncertain possibility of reprogramming the output of the tape for an undetermined time which may be even less advantageous, since it is likely that many of the films are marginal to begin to compete for the places available once they reopen really the cinemas.

Everything seems to indicate that presenting in this way a work of decided to maintain the screening date court animated not involve the same disadvantages associated with an overproduction of ‘real action’, as it would demonstrate the newly released on VOD from “Trolls World Tour”, which became a real sensation and surpassed several records of ‘streaming’, but that generated unintentionally a negative consequence for Universal, their studio producer: that AMC Theatres and Regal Cinemas, the two strings of film screenings more important in the U.S., announce their decision not to re-cast any movie

from this company in the future, something that, given the circumstances, it sounds really extreme.

Be that as it may, “Scoob!” will be available on the Friday of the week that comes in both options of ‘premium ‘ video on demand’ (PVOD), as in the modalities of purchase in both English and Spanish, as released this week Ann Sarnoff, president of Warner Bros., through a press release in which ensures that while the focus of his company remains the exhibition of their films in cinemas, “we’re going through a new era without precedent that require creative thinking and forms of adaptation to the distribution of our content”.

The voice cast in the original version includes several actors very popular, such as Mark Wahlberg, Gina Rodriguez (who is Latin, of course), Tracy Morgan and Zac Efron, and the direction of the tape is in the hands of Tony Cervone, who was nominated for the Awards by Annie for his work on the feature film “Space Jam”.