‘Giving the note 3’: Anna Kendrick and the rest of the Fine, perform a renewed version of ‘Cups’ – movie News


The protagonists of the saga musical have been mixed on this successful theme, with ‘Freedom! ’90’ by George Michael in the face at the premiere of the third installment next December 29.

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The Barden Bellas have a new appointment in the scenarios the next December 29, as part of the development of the history of Giving the note 3. As in the previous installments of the franchise musical, the team of Anna Kendrick will rehearse and prepare in order to earn a position as part of the USE Tour, a series of concerts designed to raise the spirits of members of the Armed Forces of the united States. What better way to achieve all this that by interpreting a renewed version of the famous song Cups?

The protagonists of the film have joined forces with the contestants of The Voice in the united States and have mixed the hit song of the first installment of the franchise with the Freedom! ’90 George Michael. The video that you’ll find on these lines the voices of Kendrick, Anna Camp (Aubrey), Ester Dean (Cynthia Rose), Hana Mae Leah (Lilly) and the incorporation of the singer Hailee Steinfeld (Emily), among others. Check out the trailer in Spanish of the new tape on these lines!

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