Hailey Baldwin does not want to compare it with Selena Gomez


Justin and Hailey they talked about their feelings in their most recent program ‘The Biebers’.

The couple of husbands that passes the quarantine in Canada, has been closer than ever to their fans by doing special activities online to bring a little joy to the homes of the world, the followers of both are grateful that the social isolation has been more fun in the company of Justin and Hailey.

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The May 8, the celebrities decided to interact with internet users through its fun, show, broadcast via Facebook Live called ‘The Biebers’ where the singer and the model addressed many deep issues.

Hailey Bieber he opened his heart and shared his feelings about how he deals with the comparisons people do constantly about her and other former partners of Justinas Selena Gomez.

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The model commented that it was not easy to get all those comments already that have made you feel unsafe and less woman, she said she tries to be strong and learn from all reviewsbecause he understands that people are going through in their lives for something very bad, he also said that many people make up stories or details that are not true.

Hailey it was not the only reveal your emotions, because Bieber he shared that when they were just boyfriends had severe problems with jealousy, although it is not recognized, Hailey helped him work on his distrust.

To view the full program of ‘The Biebers’, click here.

Some days ago the husband of Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber debuted a musical collaboration with the singer Ariana Grande called ‘Stuck With U’, the performers joined their creativity and talent to help a good cause.