Hayley Williams suffers post-traumatic stress disorder and depression product your divorce


The former lead singer of the band Paramore went through difficult times after the divorce from her husband Chad Gilbert.

Hayley Williams, former lead singer of “Paramore” it has given details of the process that has a result to it the separation and divorce of her ex-husband Chad Gilbertafter 16 months of marriage.

In an interview to the media Vulture, Williams explained:

“They are quite jod*two. There is often water in my dreams. I’ve always written about relationships, using metaphors of water. My recurring dreams most memorable from the childhood are connected with water”.

Panic attacks product emotional shockbecame a reality theme that led the singer to seek refuge on their own account in an installation mental health.

“I started to have a lot of these again. As a result I had panic attacks and ended up in a hospital.”

Williamswho she stopped eating during the process of separation and came despite 41 kilogramssaid was diagnosed with Disorder Post-Traumatic Stress disorder (PTSD) and depression and that has gotten better results for this talking, leaving to one side but without forgetting the medicine.