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Some stars spend their fortune on exotic cars and high-profile. There is something about driving around Hollywood in a Lamborghini that implies that what you’ve done as a celebrity. But for some A-listers, driving is not his thing. In fact, many do not possess a valid driver’s license nor know how to drive. When it comes to find out in which of these camps falls Kate Beckinsale, you’ll be surprised.

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Kate Beckinsale is a star

The model and british actress is a star in Hollywood and has an impressive summary of achievements. It also has a legion of fans loyal that fill their social networks to take a look at their fascinating look. He began with roles in british television, which eventually led to the british cinema. She graduated quickly to fame in the u.s. with blockbuster movies such as Pearl Harbor, Van Helsing and the franchise Underworld. It is reported to have a value of $ 16 million. She uses her wealth to support some of his favorite charities, including the literacy of the children. He also likes to hire private planes for world travel. But what are the cars expensive?

How many cars has Kate Beckinsale?

Kate Beckinsale owns several multi-million dollar homes, many with garages full. It has some luxury cars for when they are not traveling in a jet all over the world. However, their tastes are not too crazy and exotic. The reports show that his passenger was traveling in mostly California in your Chevrolet Suburban SUV. Surely, owning a small fleet, including vehicles of modest style, it means that Beckinsale likes to drive, right?

Does she knows how to lead?

Although Kate Beckinsale has appeared on the screen behind the steering wheel of many vehicles, still does not have his drivers license in the real world. However, it certainly is not for lack of trying. Has been open in past interviews about trying to pass the driving test and failing. Is not too proud to call an Uber these days if you do not have someone available to drive one of their vehicles. It is also not uncommon to see her riding shotgun with friends on social networks. She has shared fun and adventures, including the singing of a little Prince, with her friends. And her teenage daughter is also a big driver.

The shotgun Kate Beckinsale has attracted a lot of attention

As you don’t drive, Kate Beckinsale has a lot of free time to enjoy the journey, converse with other passengers and, at times, snuggle up with them. The star of the Underworld once she was photographed kissing her boyfriend, Pete Davidson. He also shared in an interview that he likes to play a little Britney Spears at 2:00.m. and at the same time putting on eyeliner. Being a passenger is fun for Beckinsale.

Have arisen rumors to see Beckinsale going up and down the car with suitors male. At the after party to the Golden Globes 2020, was seen with her ex-boyfriend musician, Machine Gun Kelly jumping in the back seat. The sources said that they had been hanging out at the party, generating rumors that it might be a meeting of a couple. When asked about the party, Fleabag in San Vicente Bungalows and any revival with Machine Gun Kelly, Beckinsale said: “absolutely ridiculous”. Machine Gun Kelly also shared the sentiment, saying: “negative”. Apparently, while they were passing the time, it’s strictly a platonic relationship.

Kate Beckinsale joins a long line of elites from Hollywood that does not lead through the city. Although their reasons may differ, the convenience of having a chauffeur or pay someone to drive looks to win his favor. When vouchers million, not having your license does not seem to stop you from going where you want to go.