How many people kill Chris Hemsworth in Tyler Rake (Extraction)?


MADRID, 9 May. (CulturaOcio) –

Tyler Rake (Extraction) is poised to become the movie over view of Netflix. The frantic killing of Chris Hemsworth in the midst of a war of drug traffickers in Bangladesh has conquered the public. And while its leaders already think in a sequel, the streaming service has revealed how many people kills the lethal mercenary.

Whether body to body, with pistol or knife, Tyler Rake shows in a little less than two hours why it deserves to be the new big action hero. Hemsworth does not leave puppet head in Extraction, and as it has revealed Netflix in total will produce a total of 183 deaths in the movie.

“The less credible of Extraction is that in no time none of the 183 people who kill Chris Hemsworth mentioned how ridiculously handsome he is“, joked in a tweet. Although a joke has a little bit, because that ratio of deaths puts the character above the very John Wick, whose record is 123 deaths in the second installment of the trilogy of Keanu Reeves.

Of course, Wick builds up more deaths than Tyler Rake as at the moment has had three movies, surpassing the more than 300 murders. However, the character of Hemsworth yes achieved overcome in a single delivery to big serial killers like Jason Voorhees (146) or Michael Myers (128)even counting all of his films.

With a second installment of Tyler Rake is already underway at the request of Netflix, whose responsible for the brothers Russo and Sam Hargraves don’t know if it will be prequel or sequel, it is possible that the character exceeds John Wick and the rest of lethal characters, thus becoming the killer’s most lethal in the history of cinema.