I Ternurita! Karol G sings with Goku in his arms, and he steals the attention by doing this


The lovely Karol G decided to interpret one of his successful songs, but to give a different feeling to his audience, he decided to do it with Goku in his arms I Bad decision! Look at why.

With only 29 years of age, Karol G has managed to become one of the most important singers of urban music, thanks to his incredible interpretations, which performs with a great style.

Songs like: “You say you’re going”, “Secret”, “The life continue”, “her” and “My bad” have made the famous reach the rungs higher on the fame, in which she herself imagined she could be.

It is worth noting that the famous also is quite creative when you want to export your talent and this video proves it, since in order to give a different feeling to his audience, he decided to appear with nothing more and nothing less than with his little puppy called Goku.

Karol G it begins by stating that he was going to perform one of his most beautiful compositions call “Ocean”, and also what would you do with the small puppy in her arms, who behaved with an incredible tenderness throughout the recording.

When it came time in the song has to change from piano to forte, the famous expresses to his musicians that it is possible that Goku panic, and was effectively what happened. The small puppy gave a jump so big that he fled from the arms of its owner, stealing the attention of all, due to its tenderness.