Important music producer accuses Anuel AA and a Lil Pump of plagiarism


A couple of weeks ago that estren the topic of the Illuminati, interpreted by Lil Pump and Anuel AAwhich has been a success in social networks, however the originality of the song is being put in doubt by a recognized music producer and the him of plagiarism.

Is trat Sizzle or better known as Southside, one of the creators of beats ms recognized in the industry of rap in America, and that catalog the boyfriend Karol G as a trade copier.

According to the specialist music, both the puerto rican singer as a colleague used one of their tracks that enjoined upon Offset in one of their recent songs, and the comments that are gener certainly leave in a very bad position to interpreter of China.

It is the same rhythm and melody, I wrote the Rap account in the video that goes Southside on Instagram, so clearly Anuel AA gotten in trouble with concerning this music.

By now celebrity has not come to pass of these statements but since your image is looking daada between the followers of the music producer, who surpasses the million of fans.

Illuminati overwhelmed the 16 million views on YouTube and became a trend among the followers of the personality of 27 years, but that success will be seeing tarnished by this polmica.

By now the artist he remains in his home fulfilling the quarantine with Karol G and has used her social networks to continue to promote the polmico hit that he did with Lil Pump.