It has leaked a video where Shakira dances to Pique Look at your reaction!


Has leaked a video on the different social networks, where appears Shakira dancing of the most daring way and with a dress super short in the father of your children That you can’t miss it!

As we well know, our beloved colombian is so, but so talented that millions of people want to be like her, and although his main goal is not that, without any doubt, this is one of the sensations that manages to cause.

At present he is totally happy with his family, which managed to create with her beloved exfutbolista Gerard Piquewho by the way is the father of her two adored children Milan and Sasha.

It is extremely important to highlight the fact that Pique supports in great way the career of Shakiraeven when the famous wanted to withdraw from the artistic milieu, he was the one who was there and supported to continue to be happy working in what I felt passionate about.

Details like this make the passion between the two to continue becoming more and more strong, and we see this in this video where it appears Shakira dancing with dress super short in the most daring way.

Pique reacting immediately, he decided to hug her, kiss her and even touch on a little bit and on a couple of occasions his rear, obviously our dear Shakira enjoyed as always and Everything was recorded in this video!