It’s dangerous! Chris Pratt let his wife cut his hair


The famous actor, voice actor and american producer, Christopher Michael Pratt, better known simply as Chris, like many other celebrities have suffered the confinement mandatory product of the health crisis that sparked the Covid-19. It is for this reason, that the star turned out to be a trend, because that gave a very important job to Katherine Schwarzenegger, his wife.

The task unambiguous and consisted in cutting off the hair, in photos, showed how long her hair, and the reason why he decided to commit this act of faith. The result was not anything bad, despite the fact that they were photos that were published through his official account of Instagramthrough a story, the images keep rolling for the Internet and it manages to show the before and after of the famous hero of the galaxy. Could it be that Katherine had already done it before?

The gift hidden from the wife of Chris Pratt

The actor of 40 years of age, Chris Pratt, publicly thanked his wife, and acknowledged “I must admit that my wife did a wonderful job”. Actually the result could not differentiate the of a professional, as his wife, part of being a writer-professional american, turned out to have skill with the razor. Even if in the family there are only politicians, actors and lawyers succeeded!