Johnny Depp is grateful to fans for to accompany him in his conflict with Amber Heard


Honor to whom honor is due, and there is no doubt that the fandom of Johnny Depp has not stopped supporting actor in no time. The protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl – 79% saw how his career has faltered due to the accusations of his ex-wife, Amber Heard, who is at the highest point of the #MeToo took the opportunity to declare that the man who once was her husband abused her physically. Time has passed and with the other side of the story revealed, the interpreter, has sent an emotional message for all those who ever doubted him.

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This year has had many twists and turns of the plot quite unexpected, but one of the scandals that have rocked Hollywood was the leakage of some sensitive audios where the own interpreter of Mera in Aquaman – 73% accepted to have attacked Depp. In a therapy session, the actress confessed that it was impossible to control himself when arguing with her husband, even made, he knew that when the actor of Sweeney Todd: The Barber Demon of Fleet Street – 86% trying to flee from the situation to not getting to the aggression, that much more Heard.

Amber was losing more credibility when shortly after leaked some pictures of her with the magnate Elon Musk, the same that were taken during the season in which he was still married to Depp. Fans of the protagonist of The Young the Hands of Scissors – 91% never lost faith in his idol, and even before that was revealed to be Heard was a violent person, had promoted a petition to demand Warner Bros. that the interpreter is removed from the cast of Aquaman 2.

While in the public sphere the image of Johnny Depp it was restored, thanks to the above-mentioned scandals provoked by Heard and the statements of other members of the community of Hollywood (including former partners) that ensured its integrity, the actor was also moving forward positively in the legal. His libel claim against Amber is at its best point, favoring the interpreter could prove that the lies his ex-wife even went up to the court, where it apparently was introduced years ago, with bruises painted.

The life of the actor of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – 83% seems more quiet, recently decided to open an account Instagram, where he has been sharing another of his great passions: the music. In a video released recently, the performer dedicated a tender message to all their fans who have been supporting him in one of the toughest stages of your life:

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Sending you all my love and thanks for staying on this long road with me. JD.

In the video of less than two minutes we see the actor playing the guitar, in the middle of several candles lit and your recording equipment. Several celebrities commented on the clip, including Patti Smith, Raven-Symoné and the ex-husband of Mandy Moore, Ryan Adams. Since his arrival to Instagram, the performer was very well received by other members of Hollywood and their fans, those who understood the message of Johnny Depp and filled video message recognizing his quality as an actor and as a human being.

In terms of Amber Heard it is difficult to know if Warner Bros. decide to delete it from the next tape Aquaman. Johnny Depp yes had to say goodbye to the company of the mouse and of the franchise of Pirates of the Caribbean when the scandal with his ex-wife had left him as a violent man. However, to date the actress from Justice League – 41% had not received any public reprimand or comment on their reprehensible behavior that she herself acknowledged in the audio leaked.

Recently the studio that brought Batman vs Superman: The Origin of Justice – 27% congratulated Heard on her birthday, becoming clear that continues to form part of the Universe Extended from DC. While the actress is increasingly questioned by fans who want it out, Depp seems to be recovering from a long season in the dark.

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