Jordi Cruz receives a request. MasterChef has a problem (and very fat)

MasterChef Jordi Cruz

May 09, 2020
(21:06 CET)

Jordi Cruz must not be not happy with the complaint that has been received by the union Comisiones Obreras Spanish Tv due to the treatment given to the contestant of Masterchef, Saray Carrillo.

The former concusante of Married at first sight is still one of the worst contestants that have gone through the program and has the whole world raving.

Already took a apron black Jordi Cruz due to a dessert very disappointing and it all went worse from there.

The famous partridge

Saray had trouble to pluck a partridge in his second plate and missed to the profession of a chef presenting a partridge dead in a plate, something that of course was harshly criticized on social networks.

And to top it off took the reprimand of the program and its subsequent elimination.

'MasterChef 8': The partridge dead Saray

A complaint vengeful

However, it seems that Sarai was not taken at all well and would have filed a complaint through CCOO, who issued a statement to that since the program retractasen.

This would expose the press release: “To CCOO in RTVE will not cheer from the audience in TVE if to get them violate the norms of respect to the people and to the principles that build them. Saray is much more than a partridge and put in a dish, it is much more than a contestant who can abuse and make abuse a subject to improve the hearing.” It is expected a public apology that might not arrive.