Justin Bieber and other celebrities calling for justice for the young man who lost his life at the hands of a former police


The death of Ahmaud Arbery has brought with him a large polmica, and there have been many famous personalities, among which are Justin Bieber, Lebron James and Jamie Foxx, which have joined together to call for justice in this case.

And is that the canadian has asked you to investigate the depth of the young man who according to the witnesses, only there will be left to run and was shot by a former member of the police.

The event happened in Georgia, and in the first instance has ruled that the suspects, the former official and his son will not be arrested, and this has caused a great stir and numerous artists, among them, the interpreter Yummy.

This actually happened two months ago, and yet justice has not been served, for this reason the singer and other artists have raised their voices to call for justice for the deceased and that his story is known by all.

Besides the bailarnthe NBA player Lebron James has been one of the most active in social media where she has shared her feeling of indignacin with the level of impunity that has taken this case.

The wife of the msico is uni the feel of l and the public in the stories of his personal account of Instagram a prayer dedicated to the family of Ahmaud and asking that justice be done.

In this way Justin Bieber, Lebron James and many other artists have joined the protest because of the lack of actions that lead behind bars those responsible for this event.