Kelly Clarkson spoke of the inconvenience of health tena your child


A few less than a month, we have seen the american Kelly Clarkson usher singing in Spanish, in the company of Blas Cant, and with certainty it did very well, because, had the approval of all of its fanticos.

However, it is not his talent that puts the name of the composer in the headlines of websites, but, one of his recent statements with regard to the health of your child.

The famous a few years became the mother of Remington and now she revel that for a long time, something kept her really worried, and tena to do with a difficulty of your child.

Tena this issue of odo when he was a baby, and this will occasion inconvenience in speech, confes through an interview to People magazine

Realizing this setback, the singer together with her partner, I decided to go to a professional doctor to help them to see what was happening. And it was there where they realized that it was not something serious.

Not sabamos. But at the bottom of their odos, tena a ton of wax, where we thought he was deaf because he spoke as if he were under water, expres the celebrity of 38 years.

However, this whole situation gener, at the very least 4 years behind in his speech, but fortunately Kelly Clarkson revel, which have been found working in conjunction with a therapist via videoconferencing by Zoom.