Know the impressive mansion of Yuya, the influencer best paid in Latin America


The influencer has its own garden in the garden of his house, this being a party that enjoys the most of his imposing mansion

Yuya, 27 years of age and who is regarded as the influencer, the more successful of Latin Americahas an impressive mansion in Cuernavaca, within an hour of the City of Mexico.

The also an entrepreneur built the house to your taste and from the end of 2018, has shared with his followers some details of their first home.

The property, which was built when they still came out with Beto Pasillas and who now shares with the singer Jorge Siddharthayour present boyfriend, with all the comforts that we can imagine.


The kitchen of your home is open and combines the color white with the chocolate in the cupboard, which gives it a modern touch and elegant to this room.

It also has an island in the center which is where Yuya prepares their food.


The room is composed by lounge chairs white color and chocolate, tables, lamps, a coffee table of glass, as well as by a corner table of a chocolate tone, which has an old fashioned typewriter as the article decorative.

Master bedroom

The chamber of Yuya has a mirror at the entrance that she designed, a large bed with bedding, gray color header and black with bright gold, as well as two bureaus, cafes, black and your respective table lamp.

It also has a comfortable brown and three mirrors of different geometric shape (oval, square, and triangle) that are your best allies at the time of grooming to make your videos.

In addition to the bed, which draws the attention of your room is the stunning view of the garden and its terrace, which has a table of ancient wood with two benches elongated.

Bedroom visits

The room of visits with a large bed, a couch color, coffee, a large carpet and an air conditioner so that your guests do not suffer with the high temperatures that are recorded in the area during the spring and summer.


In addition to your bedroom, the garden is the part of the house which enjoys the most, when you count the dining room is old with space for ten people, a living room and other furniture that give a touch very cogedor to this part of your home.

It also has a swimming pool, several trees and even its own orchard which has been harvested avocado and beets.

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