Mark Ruffalo revealed how it was that Robert Downey Jr. what convinced him to join Marvel Studios


Nearly a decade after that Mark Ruffalo is put in the role of Bruce Banner for the first installment of “The Avengers” it is difficult to imagine someone else taking over the role at the UCM. The actor, who was then known for appearing in independent films like “Zodiac”, had to receive the push of the mísmisimo Iron Man. to finally join the franchise.

In a recent interaction with Jimmy Fallon to Tonight Showthe actor revealed that he had many doubts about accepting the role, and how it was that you finally took the leap thanks to Robert Downey Jr. “I was scared,” said Ruffalo to the presenter on that you will be offered the role. “I didn’t know what I could add to what you already believed that you had done so well before me,”said the star of 52 years referring to his predecessor, Edward Norton.

Among the reasons of his hesitation, Ruffalo also told Fallon, was that “he had only been doing independent films up to that time”, which had made him doubt whether she was the right person. “I thought: ‘I don’t know if I am the right person for this.’” However, the director, Joss Whedon considered otherwise, “yes, you are the right person,’” he recalled.

But the director was not the only one who tried to convince Ruffalo, that would be a great Bruce Banner. Robert Downey Jr. he lifted the phone and threw some magic. “And then I received a call from Downey,” he added. “He simply said, ‘Ruffalo, let’s go’. We take care of this”. The confidence that inspired him to star finally gave the necessary impetus.

“After that, I was like… ‘I Guess I have to do it.’” Rufallo also highlighted that making a large exception Marvel allowed him to read a few pages of the script before agreeing to officially starring in “The Avengers”. Finally with the reading of those pages confirmed its interest in playing a superhero and today in day does not want to put it down. To know the upcoming projects of Mark Ruffalo, I remember this other article.