Mia Khalifa in her underwear combing like a princess on Instagram


Mia Khalifa, the famous star of adult cinema, has appeared as a version bold of a Disney princess, because in your last picture is peinandose in front of an elegant mirror, while in her underwear.

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Khalifa continues to be one of the stars of the film to adult most searched in google-related, so much so that todavpia retains second place, so this exclusive content and direct with his followers is very well received.

In the photograph appears Mine sitting in an elegant carpet of what looks like a castle, because the model looks like a princess, because you’re holding a thin mirror, however, the picture is super bold because it appears in their underwear, making their fans raise your temperature.

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The publication has more than 447 thousand “likes” in just 2 hours have gone up, because it is very cute and also sassy, combinandolo of the best way with the purpose of consent to his faithful followers.

Khalifa used to exercise day-to-day to stay in shape, although this is also done to be able to eat what he pleases, so that we can see how beautiful it looks in sportswear, with a lot of photos bold.

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These dates of holidays of Mine was with her boyfriend, in her account we saw as we enjoyed the festivities in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere, a friendly super other than that for which it was given to know. Constantly share photos that are the closest thing that we will see her uncovered as in the old times, since it doesn’t seem to want to go back to his old job.

Khalifa has left in the past, the profession that made it famous; however, it has not abandoned its fans, and they often share nasty images of her on social networks constantly and in addition, has its page of exclusive content and much more “playful”.

After his great fame is dedicated to be a commentator for sports which he always liked, also entered the world of gastronomy and is also an entrepreneur who took advantage of its fame produces calendars that she herself is the protagonist and promotes.