Nicki Minaj shocks the music world with a possible pregnancy in door


The singer who shared the stage with karol G in the video “Tusa” revolutionizes social media with its comments about a possible pregnancy.5

The assumptions of the presumed state of gestation Nicki Minaj came from his own hand, when on the 7th of this month, in a session of questions and answers in your Twitter, hinted that his tastes alimenticos could be linked a cake in the oven.

In the social network commented:

“Steak. Shrimp. In addition to my famous cheeseburgers. Very good(…) I Actually had cravings for red meat and then cravings for salad with jalapeno additional. Ask nachos Chkn (Chiken) that did not come with jalapenos. Who does that? Wow”.

One of their fans, to see the way in which the singer has cravingsasked about other symptoms such as vomiting morning and wanting a repeat of pee, what Minaj he replied: “Lmao. Not to throw up. But the nausea and urinating non-stop. Omg, what do you think this means, guys? Lmaooooooooooo”.

The commotion among his fans was such that they began to ask photos of your increased bellyassuming as an affirmation of pregnancy the symptoms discussed in the social network, the rapper said:

“Yes, in a couple of months. The world is not yet ready”.