People explains the reason why Rosalie was so brown on the cover: Unrecognizable


Rosalia was on the cover of the edition titled “Beautiful, for a better world”

The recent issue of the Magazine People en Español chose four stars hispanic upward as the cover of the 50 most beautiful, in a special edition dedicated to showing how celebrities are living in the boundaries of the home to which forces the health crisis global.

In the edition titled “Beautiful, for a better world” were given unique circumstances due to the current world situation, since the photos posted were sent by the own celebrities and not as it has been used for decades, the result of thoughtful sessions professional photographic.

The Spanish singer Rosalia it was one of the four figures chosen to decorate one of the four covers. The artist appears on a brown background and with a skin tone darker than normally seen, which unleashed criticism on the processing of the images.

The editor-in-chief of the magazine, Armando Eclarified that the color of the skin of the singer was the result of technical difficulties caused by the confinement and not by aesthetic decisions of publishers, described the agency EFE.

“This issue is closed with the entire team working remotely (…) Usually our art team works with monitors calibrated to correct the intensity of the color. On this occasion it was impossible. The cover is printed with a little more red than normal said.