Public enemy: Anuel AA is the reggaetonero most hated genre for this reason


The puerto rican singer Anuel has been hated by the public since he began his career. Even before it reached its current popularity, the reggaetonero had become the target of numerous criticisms and attacks against her work and artistic vision. But the reason goes far beyond his work.

To many it seems that this singer is currently overrated. However, the fame of this artist has survived even to all the seas of comments against. Anuel has won one another detractor for to speak more of the account.

And is that in his songs and videos often cause discomfort by the ease with which you express comments hateful as that claims to be the best of all time with a short career. But it is only one of many.

It is also detested by the ability it has to look for confrontations with other artists of his genrecommenting on your songs threats and indirect, that to all fall from the kick. Anuel has become the enemy of many.

Thus we have a Anuel hated by all. By the public questions by the producers who detest his way of working and their old enemies that feel personal phrases.