So was the mom of Adamari Lopez, who fondly remembers


Adamari Lopez it is one of the famous amazing not only for her talent but also by how beautiful you are inside and out. And if there is something that you have to be sure of is that the presenter is a strong person he has had to overcome many things. And one of the ” hard times that life brought was the loss of your mother.

And is that Adamari the recalls with much affection and feeling but Who was this great woman that was to Adamari? Today we tell you a little bit more about how it was her beautiful relationship.

His name is Vidalina Torres and although it is not developed in the artistic environment, he managed to provide his daughter a way of being open, fun and above all highly loved by the public. On the other hand Vidalina was at the side of his daughter when he had to confront strong moments as the breast cancer and his controversial divorce.

Unfortunately Vidalina died at the end of the 2012 after losing the battle against cancer. The mother of Adamari was then 75 years old and was in a hospital in Puerto Rico. One of his last public appearances was when Adamari debuted in A new day at that time was as proud as he had always been of her.