So wonderful were these famous moms when they were pregnant


Being a mom is something that excites many women, and when it is waiting for the arrival of the much-adored baby what is certain is that there is a lot of emotion. Proof of this are these moms of the show who when were pregnant they looked so beautiful as now.

1. Anahí

If there is a the proud mother is Anahíshe shows that loves to be a mom and when she was expecting her second child, she enjoyed it as much as the first. The singer even has a book where has his experience.

2. Thalia

The singer is another who will have fun with every aspect of motherhood. And while there are who conceal their pregnancy the mexican, preferred to make the most of with your pictures.

3. Aislinn Derbez

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Happy to return home after almost 7 months non-stop, to be quiet at the end, with 14 extra kilos that I look good (needed more carnita or not ?) to do a bit of yoga, exercise, eat healthier (more ??,less???), sleep more if the belly leaves me, prepare everything that he had not been able to be in a family by fiiiin, etc… last 3 months before meeting [email protected] baby ? #29weekspregnant PD: Thank you for the so many beautiful things that we write ? Happy to get back home after almost 7 months of working non stop, after gaining some weight (I needed it right??) I’ll finally be able to relax, do some yoga, exercise, eat more healthy (more ??, less???), sleep more if this tummy lets me prepare everything for this new stage and lots of family time.. last 3 months before meeting this baby ? #29weekspregnant PS: Thanks for the beautiful things you write to us?

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One more of the famous who were not afraid to show your tummy in pregnancy. Aislinn he shared with his followers every moment of this stage of his life and kept abreast on his Instagram.

4. Adamari Lopez

Adamari always dreamed of becoming a mother and when it came to their daughter Alaïa their happiness could not be bigger. With a beautiful photograph next to the love of his life, Toni Costashowed his beautiful belly.

5. Shakira

The mother of Sasha and Milan looked very beautiful when she was pregnant. What is certain is that the hard work and the diets that has led to keep your belly flat you have worked phenomenal.

6. Aracely Arámbula

The actress shared this photo some time ago, she says that he was waiting for his little Dany. Fans of Aracely Arámbula they were so impacted to see her so beautiful, could have had about 4 months on the instant.