Tatiana presumed hot body at 51 years old, and shares his secret to staying in shape


With sportswear, the “Queen of children” left to see your curvy silhouette

Tatiana it is another of the famous you are in social isolation voluntary due to the pandemic of coronaviruses, but this has not prevented him from look body from your home.

At 51 years of age, the singer is left to see as few times. With some tight leggings black sports and a top, which combined in the same tone, “The queen of children”, as it is also known, bragged about his curvaceous silhouette sitting on the ground soon after you finish your exercise routine.

Remember, if you do not move, you oxidas. Exercise keeps fresh mind and clear your thoughts“ was the council that led to its faithful admirers to lead a healthy life.

The star of children’s music was praised by their fans, who amazed the congratulated by the physical that keeps and makes you look as beautiful as when you started your career.

You look super good“, “Pásanos the routine, what barbara“, “As in your best times“, “You are identical to 20 years ago“, “Tatiana you are a great woman, seriously, you look like 40“, “You’re perfect“, are just some of the comments that we did get to the interpreter.