Tekashi 6ix9ine breaks record of Instagram Live on your back


As promised, Tekashi 6ix9ine came to Instagram Live may 8although almost an hour late, with the theme of “Bad Boys” in the background, and addressed its reputation “snitch”, breaking a record Live in the process.

While speaking with the most of 1.9 million viewers that tunedexplained that I had no other option to save himself.

6ix9ine emphasized how unfair were the Nine Trey Blood Gangeven when it was trying to help them out of poverty. He also criticizes his enemies, saying that “don’t want to understand” why he did what he did.

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If a rat came home and did more numbers than I, I would also be angry” said. “I would like to. I promise you that I’d be mad. You have any reason to be angry. No matter how dirty throw on my name I already saw it all: they all want to be silent now. For two years, all mocked me… I still came home and I am a legend at the age of 24 years because I got home and the rat is doing more numbers than you.”

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The native of Brooklyn he also stated that members of the gang were sleeping with the mother of his son, Sara Molina, while he was on tour trying to earn money for them.

To 6ix9ine he was granted a compassionate release of pressure the last month with four months remaining in his original sentence. He returned to the rap on Friday in the afternoon with his video for “GOOBA” with your monitor of ankle on display.

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