The girlfriend of Kiko Matamoros teaches the imperfections of your body without Photoshop


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May 10, 2020
(12:53 CET)

Kiko Matamoros always very proud of his beautiful partner, the model Marta Lopez, Poplar, who has won all over the world in a very short time through Instagram.

The ‘dummy’ Spanish is considered to be one of women’s most spectacular country and proves it daily with a body of scandal.

However, this week has wanted to give you a back to your image, which has made him win some other adept.

It is not perfect

Marta López Poplar know that perfection is impossible and from a while ago comes to sharing publications that show it to make the whole world see that beauty has two faces.

This week has wanted to support her friend Alba Diazthe daughter of ‘El Cordobes’ and Vicky Martín Berrocal, in their sample of the real body of a person. ‘Body Positive’ was called, and Marta Lopez also wanted to show that it has imperfections.

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A past complicated

The model recently acknowledged that during her period of adolescence came to have serious problems with eating disorders.

In fact, despite measure 1,75 cm of height warns that he came to weigh 39 kilos. Now for that not to happen to other girls is starting to train to be a coach nutrition.