The “hard problem of health” Isabel Pantoja shut up in the quarantine


May 09, 2020
(20:38 CET)

Isabel Pantoja it is not going at all well during this quarantine. The renowned vocalist is Singing and taking care of his mother and it seems that you are going to spend a lot of time there.

Of time, has not wanted to leave the house despite power to do so because of a problem you are having since the start of the pandemic coronavirus covid-19.

And is that the Spanish singer seems to have some agoraphobia, is locked up in his house to the field and do not want to leave for anything in the world for fear of contamination and spread it to his mother.

Isabel Pantoja

It is not the only problem

Despite the fact that agoraphobia is a complicated problem, it is certain that the renowned vocalist suffers from another disorder these days that has to do with the coronavirus.

Isabel Pantoja would be suffering from insomnia. Can’t sleep, and their nights are hours and hours of tv until it finally falls rendered, and not, of course, madruga.


The renowned vocalist has been launched into the watered of God in these days. Religion distracts him and protects him for the moment of everything bad that is happening to Spain right now.

According to account, Elizabeth would be praying a long time during this week and asking about all health for his own.